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When we first engaged Monica Rakoczy to assist with our safety training it was simply to meet our regulatory obligations.  We had tried other Companies over our 20 years in business and frankly the attitude of our 50+ workforce was typically "Do I have to go through this again?"  Having had to sit through a number of sessions myself, I knew exactly what they were thinking, monotonous and boring.

Monica's training sessions have been anything but.  From the very first session it was clear that Monica's approach to training; hands-on, interactive, interspersed with a touch of humor, hit just the right cord with our workforce.  Comments like "that was awesome" and "that's the most I've gotten out of a training session in my 20 years here" are commonplace after her presentations.  I have to concur with my workforce, Monica Rakoczy is an awesome Safety Trainer.

Earl Furman, President & CEO - Versatek Enterprises, LLC

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